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Freehold to Host Pacing Series

Freehold Raceway is proud to announce a new TrackMaster-conditioned series for male pacers over the next two weeks.
The Tony Dandeo Memorial Pacing Series, named in memory of the longtime New Jersey horseman who passed away last fall, is restricted to horses with a TrackMaster horse rating between 74.00 and 78.00 as of March 23. The series will consist of two legs, to be held on March 26 and April 2, and a final, to be contested on April 9. Horses who race in the first leg of the series are automatically eligible for the final regardless of changes in their TrackMaster rating.
The first leg of the series will have a purse of $6,500, the second leg a purse of $8,500, and the final will go for $11,000.
Horses will qualify for the final through a point system. The winner of a leg receives 50 points, the runner-up 25, the third-place finisher 12, fourth place 8, fifth place 5, sixth place 3, seventh place 2, and eight points 1. 
There will be no preference system; all horses who enter will have the chance to race as long as there are at least six entries per leg. Legs may be split into divisions depending on the number of entries.
The box for leg 1 will close at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, March 23. Horsemen with any questions are advised to call the race office at (732) 252-2322.