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Freehold Raceway

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Freehold Raceway Entry Qualifiers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Time:  9:30 AM

Condition: Qualify Fillies & Mares
Gait: PacePurse: $0Class: QuaDis: 1 Mile
 HNPPHorseMedsDriverTrainerYears BestLast 3 OddsClaiming 
 1 1PRECOCIOUS STRIDE Ma HarderMa HarderX-X-X6-4-X   
 2 2IANTHE HANOVER St SmithCa ColemanX-X-X6-7-6   
 3 3RED HOT SKILLET Er AbbatielloJo RamosX-X-X4-5-6   
 4 4FULL EXPLOSIONLMi PosnerMi Posner1:54.27-6-5   
 5 5LOOK ANNIE HALLLMe OwensRo Croghan1:55.48-7-8   
Condition: Qualify
Gait: TrotPurse: $0Class: QuaDis: 1 Mile
 HNPPHorseMedsDriverTrainerYears BestLast 3 OddsClaiming 
 1 1SWIFT BLIZZARD Ta GowerTa GowerX-X-X7-7-4   
 2 2MUSCULARITY Sh VandervortSh VandervortX-X-X4-7-9   
 3 3SUGAR QUEEN GABBYLSt SmithJe Smith1:56.31-6-6   
 4 4STURDY AS A HALLLRi PantanoVi Fusco Jr2:00.47-7-1   
 5 5BREW MASTERLDa StrongDa Smith1:58.47-7-4   
 6 6WITHOUT A CLUE Er AbbatielloAn LorentzonX-X-X8-1-4   
 7 7BIG SKY THUNDERLDa StrongAl ReynoldsX-X-X8-4-7   
Condition: Qualify Horse & Geldings
Gait: PacePurse: $0Class: QuaDis: 1 Mile
 HNPPHorseMedsDriverTrainerYears BestLast 3 OddsClaiming 
 1 1LOVE TO ROCKLPa KavoleffPa Kavoleff1:57.24-2-3   
 2 2ROCKS N BONDS Iv LlopezIv Llopez1:55.18-7-7   
 3 3QUICK CELEBRATION Vi GinsburgJo PyottX-X-X8-8-6   
 4 4PACIFIC OKEY DOKEYLMi PosnerMi Posner1:55.27-7-3   
 5 5THE BAD DEPUTYLEd SagerEd Sager1:54.09-7-5   
 6 6ROCKSTAR STRIDE Ma HarderMa Harder1:53.32-1-2